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Commercial Litigation Lawyers Ready To Assist You

Businesses often end up in commercial litigation to resolve some aspect of a business dispute. Whether a business partner is leaving, the business is restructuring or there is a contract dispute, the issue can end up in litigation. It is important to meet with a lawyer early in the process. While we often assist clients when matters have escalated, the best option is to address problems before they worsen.

We frequently represent clients dealing with the following issues:

  • Small business bankruptcy and insolvency matters

  • Breach of contract/contract litigation

  • Professional negligence

  • Contract interpretation and application

  • Commercial property disputes

  • Partnership disputes

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Arbitration/alternative dispute resolution


Any business enterprise in transition is likely to develop challenging issues at some point. Hiring a lawyer to develop a plan can help resolve the matter efficiently.

The Cost Of Litigation

At Fred Tayar & Associates, we are assiduous about helping our clients keep the cost of litigation to a minimum. To effectively present a case, we sufficiently prepare our paperwork when we bring a claim. Our lawyers are experienced at resolving matters efficiently so you can get back to what you do best.

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